A computer game / toy & educational tool for young girls 3 to 8 yrs

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What is the project MikoWorld game?
Project MikoWorld is an easy to use point and click girls computer game / virtual toy and educational tool for girls aged 3 and up. Designed to introduce and assist talented children to computers, play, design and gaming skills. PC and Mac compatible.

Probably the worlds cutest game :)

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mikoworldLogoProject MikoWorld 1 Includes.

  • Dressing Up / Outfit Design
  • Hairstyles
  • Make-Up
  • Alphabet Picnic
  • Room Design
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Music
  • Telling the Time
  • Reading & Writing
  • Quizzes
  • Jigsaw Puzzles & Calculator
  • Achievements
  • Ladybird Game (Pollen)
  • Birds Game
  • Butterflies Game
  • Children's language skills
  • Various kids computer games

mac and pc
Mac & PC compatible

System Requirements
MikoWorld works on all Mac and PC systems that can play Flash content.
Mac game filesize is 92mb
PC game filesize is 95mb
No set up or instructions required


Parents Information
Mikoworld is designed for girls aged 3 - 8 years and based around the safe game rating of U or Pegi 3 equivalent.

StrawberrySoftUK is a small independent game and web design studio based in East Sussex UK.


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Full text description.
Mikoworld is not simply a game for girls. It is a full screen toy / computer environment, specifically designed to introduce and acclimatize young children (girls) between the ages of 3 and 8 to computers and the way that they work. No instructions are required as the game does not follow any specific paths or rules, it leaves the child free to play in any way they wish. While playing kids will naturally be introduced to, and learn some of the basics of using computers: Point and click, Drag and draw, Keyboard use etc.

In conjunction with basic computer activities, Mikoworld also introduces girls to more advanced technical program skills such as color palettes, color and design balance and tool selection through bright easy to use toy elements within the game.

Most of the game detail has been hand drawn on paper and implimented within the environment to ensure that Mikoworld looks and feels warm, friendly and human. The designers and audio team at StrawberrySoft have spent a great deal of thought, time and effort to make sure the visual atmosphere of Mikoworld is a game that children will love and remember. And, we hope will help them carry essential computer skills into their later years.

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