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We are a small independent game and web development company based in East Sussex in the United Kingdom focusing equally on Flash based game development, website development and online avatar creation.

Mikoworld is our first children's gaming title and we encourage any comments, observations or opinions that may help us improve the title in future releases. You can contact us directly from the link at the bottom of this page.

Postal Address
14 Park Dive
East Sussex
TN34 2PR
United Kingdom

Where do I send general questions, feedback & comments?
Simply use the link at the bottom of the page.
Can I link to the site?
Yes. Linking to the site helps our search engine results but please only do so from appropriate child friendly sites.
Can I frame/Iframe the site?
No. This site contains an online version of the game which is copyright and contains additional copyrighted material.
Can I copy images and post them online?
Yes. But please provide a link to our site.

Press Request
We are happy to answer questions from the press regarding the Mikoworld.

Any minor updates will be available free of charge from the web link within the purchased game version.










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